Red Red Wine

Positioned just north of Sawyer Cellars is the celebrity retreat of ‘Tra Vigne’ restaurant; a beautiful, ivy-laden open aired eatery in the enchanting town of St Helena. Having just settled down at our table, I was immediately attracted to my favourite colour pink penetrating the wine glass, and reflecting restaurant lights as the waiter poured […]

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Tacky Tijuana

Yesterday on our last day in San diego, we braved the Mexican border and stepped into one of the tackiest, but most wonderfully tantalizing places I’ve ever visited- Tijuana.  It seemed such a surreal experience and almost like a very large tacky tourist outdoor shop. There was music , colour, chaos, hustle and bustle, zebra-painted […]

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July sees me venture boldly into two new painting arenas this month, both in geography and in genre. I have firstly surrendered to the increasingly suffocating confines of my apartment, and sought refuge in the natural free spirited reaches of my balcony. I am secondly venturing for the first time into the challenging genre of […]

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Californian Cowboy

My main painting this month comes from an experience I had on my most recent trip to California.  It took place on the fashionable Zuma beach in Malibu.   Traditionally a hang out for the high school brigade, a stretch of paradise where the rich offspring of movie stars and musicians while away their summer […]

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Sawyer Sunflowers

As Brussels starts to feel like summer today with a warm ambience in the air, I find myself enraptured by a series of images captured in California’s Napa Valley. In what can only be described as a wonder of natural landscaping. Napa’s location allows sun to combine with mist in a wonderful blend, creating temperatures […]

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The beautifully charming VW Beetle

After jumping ship during each of the first three months of the year, I didn’t want April to feel left out, so I decided to chase the summer around the globe and headed for South Africa to visit friends, in what transpired to be my most artistically stimulating trip of the year to date. From […]

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Beth O

My creations this month owe their inspiration to what can only be described as a collection of truly awful photographs; a selection of under and over exposure and poor framing and focus.   The photos in question were taken while jostling for position in a crowd of sweaty and highly excitable music fans, at Beth […]

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Dave 2

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, has been my refuge this month from a bleak, bleary-eyed Brussels in the grip of winter. A destination, which has to go down as one of the most colourful corners of the globe i have visited to date.  Home of the Pina Colada (and cheap cigars), this is an unbelievable island […]

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Dave 1

    As Brussels descends into yet another winter from which it looks forever unlikely to emerge, my attention turns to completing my quirky painting; Dave 1. The photography used for the background reference for this painting is one I captured, and instantaneously knew must be committed to canvas. The photograph itself was taken in […]

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Pea Pods

My move from teaching Art in Birmingham brings me to working as a full time artist in beautiful Brussels.  With my brand new easel at the ready and a fantastic collection of acrylics and oils, I am set to start my break from teaching to my new life as a full time artist.     […]

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