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Miami’s South Beach

Just got back from an afternoon at South Beach.  It’s hard not to feel colourfully inspired and happy after being there.  I feel an overwhelming urge to get my paintbrushes out this very moment and attempt to paint the deep turquoise blue of the magnificent ocean.  South beach really is Miami’s little gem.  The architectural […]

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Petronas towers

Today I was looking through some photographs from my trip to Kuala Lumpur in February, and came across a picture I took of the spectacular Petronas twin towers. Although the towers lost their title of the ‘tallest building in the world’ in 2004 to the Taipei, they still remain the tallest twin towers to ever […]

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It’s very often the people you see or meet on your travels that stick in you mind more than the actual place or architectural buildings.  This is true of my visit to Tokyo.  Last month I spent the day doing a sightseeing city tour.  I viewed the usual touristy haunts, the Tokyo tower, Meiji Shrine, […]

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Old meets New – Shanghai

Today I find myself gazing out of my hotel window watching the sunset over the busy city, reflecting on my first impressions of this great place.  Divided by the Huang Pu River, the riverbanks of Shanghai showcase what seems like different eras. On one side of the river is The Bund, a quaint, colonial-style area […]

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Farewell Hong Kong

I am very sad this week to be packing up my belongings and leaving my memories and friends behind in Hong Kong.  My partner and I are relocating to the States and will be starting our new adventure in Miami in February.  Although Miami is certainly an exciting place to be moving on to, I […]

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Hong Kong Blues

Looking out of my window on a rainy Hong Kong day made me realize how much the weather can impact your mood and opinions on a place. Last March I made my first trip to Macau. Macau is a fascinating little place, sometimes even described as the Las Vegas of the East and is an […]

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Today I started work on a piece I have titled, ‘8:02’. One of the biggest attractions in Hong Kong is its daily lightshow, officially known as the ‘Symphony of lights’.  It is tacky and spectacular all in the same sentence!  Every evening, at 8pm, for about 14 minutes, 44 buildings on both sides of the […]

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Emerald Hill road

Just got back from a trip to Singapore.  Although I found it to be an interesting country to visit it certainly wasn’t somewhere I’d ever want to live.  It’s one of those places that once you’ve visited and done all the usual tourist hotspots you feel you’ve done it and probably never feel the need […]

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Fancy dress street

My favourite street in Hong Kong, and in fact my favourite street in the world, is a street called Pottinger street, located in Hong Kong’s central between Queens road Central and Hollywood road.  My friend’s and I took it upon ourselves to rename this charming street, ‘Fancy dress street’.  It is impossible to ‘not feel […]

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Lamma Island

I have been in Hong Kong a week now, and I have to say I LOVE this place!  It has taken my breath away!  Travelling with my friend Kitty, we have been staying with our pal, Rachel, who we went to university with over 10 years ago.  Arriving last week, late at night, and a […]

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