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Henley Regatta

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So it’s the morning of Christmas Eve and I have just finished the portrait of my little niece Nancy.  The painting is a surprise gift for my mom and dad.  I tend to leave things until the last minute and work right up to deadline…and this was no exception.  I just need to go and […]

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Don’t ever be without your zoom lens!

I was really annoyed with myself today; as I missed the chance of such an amazing shot.  We have been in Whistler, Canada, a couple of weeks now and while sitting eating breakfast, I turned and saw a sight I never thought I’d see walking past our dining room window.  A bear!  I ran to […]

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Wonderful Vietnam and Cambodia

I have just fulfilled one of my all time, ‘must do’, travel destinations, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  I have spent the past 10 days in Vietnam and Cambodia.  Spending most of my time in Vietnam’s bustling Ho Chi Minh City and Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh.  What an adventure I had too. Ho chi Minh […]

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New York yellow taxi

The yellow taxi in New York is as much an icon to this city as The Statue of Liberty or the Empire State building.  While walking around Manhattan today it made me realize how much I love this bright yellow car. I always know that I have arrived in New York when I see the […]

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Everglades and its skies

Just got back from a trip to the Everglades.  The alligators were amazing but the drive down there was just as good.  I often reflect and think very deeply about my artistic intensions when on car journeys with wide open roads and landscapes.  The drive from Miami to the Everglades was like being in a […]

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Picture postcard – Florida Keys

I have just returned from a little road trip to the Florida Keys.  It was a wonderful place to visit, not to mention the brilliant drive down there.  The place itself is a tropical haven.  It really was like stepping into a dreamy picture postcard.  That had been ridiculously colour enhanced in Photoshop.  Quite incredible! […]

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Miami’s South Beach

Just got back from an afternoon at South Beach.  It’s hard not to feel colourfully inspired and happy after being there.  I feel an overwhelming urge to get my paintbrushes out this very moment and attempt to paint the deep turquoise blue of the magnificent ocean.  South beach really is Miami’s little gem.  The architectural […]

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Bangkok and all its shiny happy people

Gazing down at the park next to wear we live I spotted a typical sight in Miami: An all American girl dressed in tiny denim shorts, sporting big hair along with her fake boobs and tiny dog.  It made me reflect on people and culture and how different people are in image and character wherever […]

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Petronas towers

Today I was looking through some photographs from my trip to Kuala Lumpur in February, and came across a picture I took of the spectacular Petronas twin towers. Although the towers lost their title of the ‘tallest building in the world’ in 2004 to the Taipei, they still remain the tallest twin towers to ever […]

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