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Picture postcard – Florida Keys

I have just returned from a little road trip to the Florida Keys.  It was a wonderful place to visit, not to mention the brilliant drive down there.  The place itself is a tropical haven.  It really was like stepping into a dreamy picture postcard.  That had been ridiculously colour enhanced in Photoshop.  Quite incredible! […]

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Miami’s South Beach

Just got back from an afternoon at South Beach.  It’s hard not to feel colourfully inspired and happy after being there.  I feel an overwhelming urge to get my paintbrushes out this very moment and attempt to paint the deep turquoise blue of the magnificent ocean.  South beach really is Miami’s little gem.  The architectural […]

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Bangkok and all its shiny happy people

Gazing down at the park next to wear we live I spotted a typical sight in Miami: An all American girl dressed in tiny denim shorts, sporting big hair along with her fake boobs and tiny dog.  It made me reflect on people and culture and how different people are in image and character wherever […]

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I have just arrived in Miami for the next exciting chapter of my life.  I am very excited to be here and needed to post this picture of the view from the airplane as we were landing.  Since I was young I have always had that Christmas morning, over anticipated, knots in the stomach, exciting […]

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‘Colour Fusion’ – Hong Kong Exhibition

Last night was the opening party of my first Hong Kong exhibition.  ‘Colour Fusion’ is a combination show, which celebrates the friendship and art practice with my good friend Rachel, who I went to university with over 10 years ago. Although our work is very different is style, one thing unites our work- and that […]

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Taxi for Paul

I have just completed ‘Taxi for Paul’.  I really enjoyed painting this image.  My inspiration for the painting comes from a combination of thoughts.  The first being the typical sight of the red Hong Kong taxi, whizzing into the busy city with skyscraper backdrops. Secondly my observations of the crazy nightlife that Hong Kong has, […]

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Route 6:06

This weeks finished painting will always remind me of Hong Kong central at around 6.06pm.  The hustle and bustle of the city; Hundreds of people trying to get taxis to take them home, cars honking, lights flashing, crazy traffic, buses, trams, crowds of people…everywhere.  My image of the city at rush hour in one word; […]

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Hong Kong Blues

Looking out of my window on a rainy Hong Kong day made me realize how much the weather can impact your mood and opinions on a place. Last March I made my first trip to Macau. Macau is a fascinating little place, sometimes even described as the Las Vegas of the East and is an […]

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Today I started work on a piece I have titled, ‘8:02’. One of the biggest attractions in Hong Kong is its daily lightshow, officially known as the ‘Symphony of lights’.  It is tacky and spectacular all in the same sentence!  Every evening, at 8pm, for about 14 minutes, 44 buildings on both sides of the […]

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Bali Flower

I have just finished a painting for my friends 30th birthday present.  There is nothing more wonderful than painting something that makes you feel happy every time you put your brush to the canvas.  This is true of ‘Bali Flower’.  I chose a photograph I’d taken of a ‘Frangipani’ flower for the reference to my […]

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