Don’t ever be without your zoom lens!

I was really annoyed with myself today; as I missed the chance of such an amazing shot.  We have been in Whistler, Canada, a couple of weeks now and while sitting eating breakfast, I turned and saw a sight I never thought I’d see walking past our dining room window.  A bear!  I ran to my Nikon SLR, (which was not in its usual close-to hand place), and to my disappointment, had my standard 18-55mm lens attached, rather than my zoom lens.  I raced back to the window, and by this time, the bear was almost out of sight.  I managed to get a very bad, blurred shot of this wonderful fury creature, but had I had my zoom lens on and my camera at reach, this could have been such a fantastic shot.  Moral of the story………ALWAYS have your camera, and zoom, with you at arms length at ALL times…………  you never know what you might see!









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