New York yellow taxi

The yellow taxi in New York is as much an icon to this city as The Statue of Liberty or the Empire State building.  While walking around Manhattan today it made me realize how much I love this bright yellow car. I always know that I have arrived in New York when I see the roads littered with these lovable automobiles.  I find it quite an annoying passion of mine to obsessively snap away hundreds of shots of these cabs whenever I see them. To me, this distinctively yellow painted car lights up the city as much as the illuminated billboards do on Broadway!  I did notice today that the typical NYC taxi, which is very much part of The Big Apples tourist landscape has changed in model and many of the old style cabs are being taken over with what looks like a ‘taxi van’… but hey, we have to move with the times…and at let’s look on the bright side; at least they are still yellow!!!











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